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Emergency Dental Care services offered in Bellevue/ West Nashville, Nashville, TN

If your child develops a severe toothache or bites down on their tongue and it won’t stop bleeding, seek emergency dental care. Early intervention and treatment can reduce the risk of complications and preserve your child’s oral health. At Little Harpeth Children’s Dentistry™, board-certified pediatric dentist Priya Purohit, DDS, MSD, provides same-day emergency dental care to children 11 and younger. To make an appointment, please call the office directly to schedule.

Emergency Dental Care Q & A

What is emergency dental care?

Emergency dental care provides same-day treatment for potentially serious oral health problems, like chipped or knocked-out permanent teeth. If your child experiences a dental emergency, contact Little Harpeth Children’s Dentistry™ immediately. The sooner you make it to the office, the sooner Dr. Purohit can take steps to help your child feel better.


What kinds of oral health problems does emergency dental care treat?

At Little Harpeth Children’s Dentistry™, Dr. Purohit uses emergency dental care to treat various oral health problems, including:

  • Chipped and cracked primary and permanent teeth
  • Knocked-out primary and permanent teeth
  • Damaged dental restorations (e.g., fillings and/or crowns)
  • Damaged orthodontic appliances (e.g., braces or Invisalign® aligners)
  • Oral cuts and lacerations
  • Oral abscesses
  • Foreign objects lodged between the teeth
  • Severe toothaches

Your child might also benefit from emergency dental care if they get hit in the mouth and need a root canal. 


What should I do if my child has a dental emergency?

If your child has a dental emergency, Dr. Purohit recommends taking the following steps:

Severe toothache

Toothaches typically respond to at-home treatments, like applying an ice pack to your child’s cheek or taking over-the-counter pain medication. If your child’s symptoms worsen or persist, have them rinse their mouth out with warm saltwater. Then, contact Little Harpeth Children’s Dentistry™.

Dr. Purohit always makes time for same-day visits for patients of record and can pinpoint the source of your child’s discomfort.

Knocked-out permanent tooth

If your child gets hit in the mouth and loses a permanent tooth, gently pick up the tooth by the crown and rinse it off in tap water. Try to put your child’s tooth back in the socket, but if it wobbles around, put it inside a glass of milk to keep it from drying out. Then, call Dr. Purohit immediately so she may direct you to an oral surgeon.


Is there any way to avoid emergency dental care?

You can significantly reduce your child’s need for emergency dental care by encouraging them to practice good oral hygiene. Dr. Purohit recommends that all children:

  • Brush their teeth twice daily
  • Floss regularly
  • Visit Little Harpeth Children’s Dentistry™ every six months for an oral exam
  • Avoid bad habits like nail-biting and chewing on hard objects, like ice cubes

If your child needs emergency dental care, make an appointment at Little Harpeth Children’s Dentistry™ by calling the office today.